HiT Software Technical Support

Technical Support

As part of our Annual Maintenance and Support Program for current maintenance customers, technical support is available to answer questions and resolve issues related to HiT Software products. Log in to the HiT Software Help Center to submit requests, track issues, download updates and product documentation.

HiT Software Maintenance and Support Policy

Licensed Software with AMSP
HiT Software offers Product Maintenance and Technical Support through its Annual Maintenance Support Package (AMSP). AMSP includes the following:
  • Major Product Upgrades (major features and performance enhancements)*
  • Minor Product Upgrades (secondary features and performance enhancements)*
  • Maintenance Product Upgrades*
  • New Documentation Releases
  • Annual Technical Support (Help Center and telephone.) Phone support is available 7:30am to 5:00pm Pacific Time for North America, South America, Asia, and Australia; and 09:00-18:00 Central European Time for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Under AMSP, upgrades can be accessed electronically or, on request, physically shipped.

HiT Software supports the current major release level of a product and its preceding major release level (e.g. 6.x and 5.x).

For any product, HiT Software may offer:
  • Major releases
  • Minor releases
  • Maintenance releases

Major, minor and maintenance releases are available to customers with a current Annual Maintenance Support Package (AMSP). Major and minor releases require a new license key. If you do not have AMSP, contact to bring your AMSP up to date.
Licensed Software without AMSP
Customers with no Annual Maintenance Support Package (AMSP) will not have access to Technical Support. Maintenance releases for a current product are available to all licensed customers of the base release and do not require a new license key. For example, if you have release, you may download and install a update pack free of charge.
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