Data Loading for SAP

Fast and Easy
Load Data from
Microsoft Excel into SAP

No more relying on others to handle data uploads to SAP, you can do it yourself — with complete security and reliability!

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Quadrate ERP2 software helps users quickly and easily load business data into all SAP modules using familiar and intuitive Microsoft® Excel™ or Access™.

Simple enough for end-users to interact with but powerful enough to deal with complex data loading, it provides you with a cost-effective solution for processing immediate and scheduled data uploads to SAP without the need for programming or costly IT resources.

Upload data into SAP in three simple steps

Does this sound familiar?

  • Want to upload data based on conditions?
  • Does your transaction have a different first screen?
  • Do you want to do multi-line transactions with a variable number of lines per transaction?
  • Want to download data while you are uploading and use that information in another transaction automatically?
  • Want to string transactions, one after the other? Want to upload data using a BAPI?

Quadrate ERP2 Benefits

  • Save time with easy-to-use screens; no need for technical skills such as LSMW, CATT, eCATT, SHDB and BDC programming
  • Increase your productivity by easily creating complex scenarios
  • Reduce risk of inaccurate data transfer or delayed projects and take charge of managing your SAP data uploads and reporting
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