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Advance key business initiatives with accelerated and reduced risk data migrations.

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The Data Stewardship Platform (DSP)® efficiently manages the end-to-end activities of large, complex data migration projects, and ensures complete and accurate transformation of business data.

It orchestrates data migrations between virtually any system type, from the cloud or on-premises. And it accelerates the time to value of future data quality and governance initiatives by preserving the assets and business understanding of data that are created to support a migration, but typically discarded when the project concludes.

According to Gartner,
“through 2019, more than 50% of
data migration projects will exceed budget
and timeline and/or harm the business,
due to flawed strategy and execution.”

Gartner, Take These Four Key Actions to Reduce
Data Migration Hazards and Ensure Success, Oct 2017

Total Migration Visibility

Orchestrate all migration activities,
and access up-to-the-minute project status
through customizable dashboards that
provide project leaders with complete
oversight and project control.

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Simplified, Team-Based Migrations

Simplified, Team-Based Migrations

Divide complex migrations into smaller units
— for example, by business unit or geographic
area — for simplified project oversight and execution.
Promote effective project decision making by
bringing business and technical experts together
within a collaborative, role-based environment.

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Complete, Accurate
and Consistent Data

Analyze, cleanse, and harmonize source data
before it migrated with integrated profiling tools
for increased efficiency and accuracy over manual
approaches such as spreadsheets. Enforce
business rules within the transformation of
source data onto target systems. And simulate
loads in a staging area to ensure migration accuracy.

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Fast, Automated Migrations and Validations

Automatically generate code for data
transformation, quality checking, and validation
— saving valuable project time over custom
coded tools. And schedule migration activities
along a critical path for streamlined project execution.

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Customer Success

Learn how Dow Chemical successfully migrated data from legacy mainframe applications to their new SAP ECC systems.

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Data Assessments span nearly any industry and line of business
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