Data Stewardship Platform

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One Solution to Orchestrate Your Complete Manage-Design-Build Lifecycle for Data

Data Stewardship Platform (DSP)
Data Stewardship Platform (DSP)

Available in the cloud or on-premise, our Data Stewardship Platform (DSP) enforces policies for data, and orchestrates processes and data management typically performed using inefficient spreadsheets and other manual approaches.

Help your business improve the way it runs.

The Data Stewardship Platform helps you design, set, execute and enforce data policies across all data and systems in your organization. It creates an environment of collaboration, connecting your IT and business users in a “decide once and reuse everywhere” environment. This enables you to benefit over and over again from prior effort and easily improve the governance of your data ecosystem regardless of which downstream applications or systems you use.

Discover, describe, and load data across all business systems - including the cloud. Create a simple, common, and trusted view of data for business users and applications that is cleansed and deduped with integrated profiling tools.

Apply a security model that reflects the roles that users assume in your organization. Make it easy for users to work with data and applications with minimized training requirements, while ensuring that they have access to just those business assets necessary for their job. And audit all actions for later review with no coding required.

Develop codeless web applications that integrate business logic and exploit data, and complement or extend data quality, business applications, master and application data management, and other processes. Efficiently orchestrate processes with an embedded workflow engine so that data is actioned quickly.

Arm managers and data stewards with custom visualizations of automatically captured metrics, providing up-to-the-minute insights into the status, progress, and evidence of SLA compliance.

Capture and preserve the business understanding of data and assets that are created to support a data initiative yet are typically lost at the conclusion - making them available for reuse to shorten time value for future initiatives.

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