Closed-Loop Remediation

Automate Business Process with Data Remediation and Mass Maintenance.

Locate, evaluate and remediate costly data errors.

dspCompose™ is an application solution that reduces the time to automatically cleanse data and repost changes to your SAP, Oracle or other systems.

Extend monitoring to achieve data remediation on data errors.

dspCompose extends data quality error monitoring to active remediation. Provides mass data maintenance and closed loop process to help businesses achieve their data quality and governance initiatives in faster cycle times.
Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs

Reduce IT time and cost for complex data changes and error remediation

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Easy-to-use for business, IT and data stewards

Remediate Data Errors
Remediate Data Errors

Automatically and rapidly locate, evaluate and remediate costly data errors

Prebuilt Content
Prebuilt Content

Supports faster data quality lifecycle with prebuilt data quality content and domain-specific reports

Complete Business Process Governance Across All Application Data

Through a simple process, tracking and roles-based controls, dspCompose helps users quickly complete a closed-loop data quality remediation cycle directly from a web browser or through spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel.

Integrated with other BackOffice solutions through the Data Stewardship Platform, dspCompose extends the data quality process from monitoring errors to actively resolving them with maximum visibility across data domains and projects. dspCompose requiring little of your time and effort to provide metrics-based analytics, solution extensibility and flexibility and a path to expert active data governance.

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