SSL Solutions

SSL for Data Security and Data Encryption

Effective data security solutions for HiT ODBC, Ritmo, OLEDB and JDBC Connectivity Products.

Secure sensitive enterprise data.

Enterprise application data traffic is susceptible to unauthorized access or tampering, raising serious information privacy and quality risks. Use data encryption and client authentication to protect sensitive data across the Internet or VPNs. HiT SSL Server and SafeConduct transparently remove risks by securing application data access without impact to existing applications, using the benefits of the Secure Sockets Layer/Transport layer Security (SSL/TLS) v3.0 standard, including digital certificate authentication and 256-bit data encryption. Contact our sales team at to explore how you can use these products in your environment.

HiT SSL Server

For use with HiT ODBC, OLEDB and JDBC products to secure SQL data over a TCP/IP network.


For use with Ritmo products and any point-to-point application data traffic.

Secure Data Traffic
Secure Data Traffic
Manage and Audit via Logs and Data Analysis
Manage and Audit via Logs and Data Analysis
Non-intrusive Architecture
Non-intrusive Architecture
Universal Cross-platform Solution
Universal Cross-platform Solution
  • Java® architecture - Runs on heterogeneous hardware platforms
  • Industry SSL v3/TLS v1 support 256-bit encryption - Data protected from unauthorized access
  • Transparent to SQL middleware access - No modification required to application code
  • Data encryption using the Digital Signature Standard (DSS), with the Digital Signature  Algorithm (DSA) and RSA algorithm - Standards-based, secure architecture
  • NIST FIPS 140-2 validated crypto and SSL functions - Approved US Government standards
  • Graphical tools for certificate generation and management - Faster administration processing
  • Optional integration with certificates obtained from an external certificate authority - Flexible support for third-party security
  • Node-to-Node authentication - Assurance that only authorized point-to-point  pairs may exchange data
  • No change required to application source code - Protect Investments
  • Extensive internal and Windows log reporting and accessibility - Audit tool for data analysis
  • Any platform running JVM 1.4 or later.
  • An installed version of a HiT ODBC, OLEDB, or JDBC product
  • Server - any platform running JVM 1.4 or later.
  • Client - any platform with JVM 1.4 and later or Microsoft Windows

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