Information Governance Cloud

Information Governance
for the Everyday User

Policy design and analysis — created for business users.

A Single Workspace

Information Governance Cloud provides a single portal to a large offering of governance policy management capabilities including process design, business glossary, rules management, metadata management, architecture inspection and analysis and more.

An Integrated Process

  • Oversee and orchestrate all your Governance and Stewardship business processes in one place, under one view
  • Effortlessly manage cross-application governance processes that are typically not easily handled by systems dedicated to a single environment
  • Extend the value of your traditional MDM and data governance tools by integrating them into one end-to-end business process

Designed for All Data Contributors

Built for business users, Information Governance Cloud takes the headache out of governance policy design and management. Through an intuitive user interface, adept processes that reduce time and automated reporting and analysis, Information Governance Cloud modernizes the governance experience.

  • Get your job done in a fraction of the time normally spent in other governance solutions
  • Decisions, actions and approvals are all easily automated
  • Design templates, artifacts and processes are easily stored for reuse
  • And all your work in Information Governance Cloud is integrated with BackOffice’s Data Stewardship Platform for automated execution and enforcement through dspConduct - across all application data in your environment
Reduce Time

Reduce time for policy design and execution.

Increase Margins

Increase margins with accurate, optimized data.

Enforce Policy
Policy Execution & Enforcement

Ensure policy execution and enforcement directly from the policy design.

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk of non-compliance to data requirements.

Policy Designs For All Application Data

Information Governance Cloud enables users to easily manage the complexity in designing and setting governance policies across an organization’s entire application data landscape.

The software’s ability to design policies that extend beyond the boundaries of individual domains means that the context of your data remains intact for the specific purposes where it is used and users can see and make appropriate decisions based on that context.

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