Business Intelligence

Support Business Decisions
with Accurate Data

Collect corporate data from disparate sources for up-to-the-minute intelligent reporting.

Business success from intelligence based on real-time data.

Whether you need to access legacy data running on platforms such as IBM DB2 (DBConnectivity), or aggregate data from one or more databases to a single database (DBMoto), we provide flexible, real-time data for BI and Analytics applications critical to business growth and success.
Access to all major databases from a single environment
Optimization for native database features
Small non-invasive footprint
Change Data Capture for speed and efficiency

“DBMoto helps us move our data efficiently and reliably across multiple corporate databases, which allows our business intelligence, analytical and data storage systems to be 100% integrated in an easy, clean and reliable way. We would recommend this product to anyone who wants a fast and easy data integration solution.”

Yivan Enrique Alveo Castillo
Business Intelligence Official – Senior SQL DBA
Banco BICSA (Banco Internacional de Costa Rica)
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