Data Integration

Merge Critical Corporate and Customer Data

Timely, cost-effective management of data from sources across the corporate environment and externally.

Effective integrate critical business data to optimize reporting and analysis.

Businesses facing the challenge of managing data from different sources appreciate cost-effective solutions, allowing them to integrate data both within the corporate environment and from external sources. Internal corporate data is typically found on databases from multiple vendors, requiring enormous manual effort to ensure data is constantly available in the right format. With the small footprint of flexible products (DBMoto® and DBConnectivity), have your data when and how you need it without significant effort, time or cost.
Access to all major databases from a single environment
Optimization for native database features
Small non-invasive footprint
Change Data Capture for speed and efficiency

“The simplicity of creating replications, including source and destination setup, was a feature we particularly liked in DBMoto.”

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