Human Capital Management

Transform Your HCM Environment to the System of Your Choice

Our migration and data quality solutions make your Workforce Decisions easier by delivering on-time, within budget and risk-free transformations to modern HCM systems such as SAP SuccessFactors, Workday and others.

Our solutions deliver a real-time view of your recruiting needs, learning, performance management and compensation plans, through prebuilt content, reporting and expertise to accelerate and enhance HCM implementations. With a guided process to remediate and continuously monitor ongoing HR data quality your business remains legally compliant. Your migration teams have complete visibility across the migration effort to eliminate bottlenecks, streamline data harmonization and align to your company’s governance goals.

Industry Benefits

  • Unmatched migration guidance and execution saves time and effort transforming your HR data to your HCM system of choice
  • Predictable metrics and prebuilt content reduce costly data quality errors
  • Unifies disparate systems and harmonizes millions of HR data elements, including multi-lingual and multi-currency data
  • Simplifies complex HR processes

HCM Global Solutions

Human Capital Management is unique because it has the potential to positively and negatively impact all the employees in your organization. Ensure that you always have the right data to assist in your corporate directions and strategies.

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