Real-Time Integration

Real-time Integration
is key to your
Digital Transformation

With the emergence of Digital Transformation, IOT, Industry 4.0, API’s and Cloud Apps, the integration domain is evolving rapidly. In order to capitalize on new opportunities and keep ahead of your competitors, it is more vital than ever to manage and monitor your complete end to end processes in real time. In fact, if your systems are not updated in real time and working as a cohesive unit, you will give the wrong answers to your customers, place the wrong orders with your suppliers, fail to meet your service commitments and produce the wrong products. Making the move from SAP PI and other brokers to SAP Intelligent Business Operations (IBO), requires specialist knowledge and experience. To mitigate the associated risks and costs, BackOffice Associates has a dedicated team of specialists, qualified to give you an overview of the integration landscape, covering recommendations and examples of how to apply the available SAP platforms to deliver maximum benefit and value to the business for the long term.

Please ask yourself four questions:

How long does it take you to change an A2A, B2B or a B2C process? Is it quick enough?
Do you have inconsistent processes and responsibilities? How does this impact process compliance?
How much do you spend on your EDI infrastructure?
Do you have boring repetitive process steps that could be automated?

Why BackOffice Associates?

BackOffice is a world leading exponent of SAP Intelligent Business Operations (IBO) and has a proven track record in this field. Our work has been instrumental in enabling companies to achieve the required business flexibility and agility to deliver measurable value in the modern market place. We work closely with SAP’s development teams and are one of a handful of partners worldwide who have been invited to contribute to the Design Partner Councils for SAP Middleware. We have been using SAP PO (the core of IBO) since it launched in 2008. If it is possible and sensible to solve a problem in SAP IBO we are confident that we have either already done it, we know how to do it, or we can draw directly on SAP’s development teams to provide guidance. This means implementations by BackOffice are scalable, robust and secure.

Integration Readiness Assessment

The reality is that the demand for integration is growing exponentially, due to the impact of Cloud and IoT, yet most businesses do not update their processes in real-time. SAP S/4HANA is the logical step to realizing a simplified Digital Enterprise, but will fail to deliver benefits if integration is not done in real time. SAP Intelligent Business Operations, SAP Gateway, HANA Cloud Integration and SAP Data Services produce the ideal suite of products to enable the required level of integration.

How ready are you for a new integration project?

The BackOffice Associates Integration Readiness Assessment will provide you with a clear roadmap to align your business aspirations and technological capabilities.

Through a series of workshops, our SAP Architecture Experts, together with your SAP Team, Business Analysts and Users, will quantify your current position in terms of integration. This insight, combined with our unique and proven approach, will help us understand how ready you are in terms of Integration and identify the focus areas.

The output from this baseline assessment forms the starting point of your SAP integration roadmap, detailing clear recommendations of what needs to be done within the timeframes and the levels of investment you need to consider along the way.

An SAP Integration Readiness Assessment Includes:

  • A kick off workshop to get an overview of current Integration. 
  • Further workshops to explore the following topics. 
    • Deep dive to explain SAP integration Solution advisor methodology.
    • Overview of SAP IBO, Gateway and Data services.
    • Review current Interface Catalogue and explore pain points in more detail.
    • Review of integration scenarios implemented today.
    • Overview of the different platforms available to support a Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP).
  • A formal presentation and report detailing the results, roadmap and recommendations that include action required, time frames and investment considerations.

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