Accelerate Your Move to S/4HANA

Speed your Move to the Digital Core

Join a growing list of companies who have already taken advantage of SAP solutions to accelerate a risk-free data migration with top data quality!

Orchestrate the use of your ETL tools.

SAP Advanced Data Migration by BackOffice Associates accelerates your move to S/4HANA with the lowest possible project risk, and the highest possible data quality. It minimizes the time, cost and work involved in converting from systems such as Oracle, IBM DB2 and others. SAP ADM effortlessly orchestrates the use of your ETL tools such as Data Services, HANA Smart Data Integration and LT and provides a central management console to easily drive the migration from design to execution, taking the complexities out of data transformations when moving legacy systems to S/4HANA.


  • Reduce complexity and cost through orchestration of all data migration processes
  • Maximize investment in SAP S/4HANA and HANA systems with fast time-to-value and get you on The Road to Simple
  • Shrink project time and cost in migration scenarios through advanced automation
  • Replace costly services spend on manual migrations
  • Improve user productivity
  • Improve management and control with complete visibility across migrations

SAP Advanced Data Migration is a standard component of the SAP Digital Core.

SAP Advanced Data Migration by BackOffice Associates (formerly “SAP Data Services Migration Accelerator”) is software that automates the process to achieve HANA and S/4HANA implementations at the lowest cost and risk.

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