Legacy Data Archiving

Reduce Risk and Costly Dependence on Legacy Systems

Eliminating the high cost of outsourcing and system maintenance.

Gain centralized visibility of inactive data.

The Legacy Data Archival Solution combines software and services to save countless hours and expenses in identifying, preparing and harmonizing legacy, inactive or dark data for either retention or purge.

A Streamlined Process

Our enormous knowledge of the business relevancy of data, combined with our BackOffice Data Stewardship Platform™ (DSP™), gives you centralized visibility of inactive data to select the right data to archive, minimizing data storage and reducing risk of data loss or compliance inaccuracies. We provide a secure, configurable and flexible method to evaluate and identify data for disposition, then provides the mechanisms to retain or purge as necessary.

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Reduce Cost
Reduce your cost and time with a streamlined process to prepare data for archival
Retire your legacy systems on your own schedule — systems can be shut off as desired while retaining reporting integrity
operational cost
Reduce your operational cost of outsourcing and legacy system maintenance
controlled process
Ensure an organized and controlled process with our proven methodology and framework

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Let us help you retire those outdated legacy systems — eliminating the high cost of IT outsourcing and system maintenance. Contact Us to Learn More.

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