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Modern M&As Require Data Transformation

Neilson discusses how they rethought their M&A through a data transformation strategy.

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Accelerate M&A Performance

Data transformation to drive return on investment from combined companies.

If you’re going through a Merger or Acquisition, the transformation of highly diverse data sets into common formats is critical for the successful integration of two companies.

Fortunately, organizations like yours are becoming increasingly aware of the value of business-ready data and recognize that a data migration strategy, coupled with top data quality objectives, should not just provide a technical solution but provide measurable business results as well.

Common Issues in M&As:

  • Rapidly demonstrate return on a very expensive
  • High complexity of merging two companies with
    diverse processes, systems, and data.

M&A success through data transformation:

  • Significant reduction in staffing requirements, risk
    and complexity over hand-crafted migration projects.
  • Successful go-lives on accelerated project schedules.
  • Migrations that bring together diverse skills and expertise.
  • Quickly consolidate to a single set of business rules,
    policies, and data knowledge between both companies
    that can be easily reused to accelerate future data initiatives.

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