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Reduce both the cost and delivery time of customised SAP Fiori applications.

BackOffice Associates has teamed up with Neptune Software as a reseller and implementation Partner for their UX platform. We can significantly reduce both the cost and delivery time of customized SAP Fiori applications that keep business users productive. SAP Fiori is the ‘face’ of SAP S/4HANA®, so Fiori apps help users become acquainted with the S/4HANA experience before transforming to the new environment.

Why BackOffice and Neptune UX Software

Together with Neptune Software, we can help SAP customers to accelerate their Fiori application development and deployment — driving more value from their SAP investments irrespective of where they are on the journey to S/4HANA.

Fiori is at the core of SAP’s UX Strategy and requires skills in JavaScript, Cordova and SAML for the successful rollout of mobile apps. In organisations where these skillsets are in short supply, the Neptune UX platform offers a great alternative for Fiori app development and deployment, as it plays to the strengths of ABAPers.
Coupled with our technical expertise, the Neptune UX Platform ensures that SAP processes are optimised and modernised, and attuned to the way business users want to work.


Accelerated App Development Time
Accelerated App Development Time

Develop and deploy in weeks versus months.

Cost of Ownership
Cost of Ownership Reduced by Over 60%

Cheaper to develop and deploy apps to a productive environment.

Enhanced Mobility
Enhanced Mobility for Users on the Go

Improve your user’s productivity and system access capabilities.

New and Old
Works on New and Legacy SAP Systems

Build your apps on SAP ECC and future-proof them for your move to S/4HANA.

With BackOffice and Neptune Software you can Fast Track to SAP Fiori applications.

For a more detailed overview, view our recent webinar.

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