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Advance business transformations with accelerated and risk-reduced data migration projects.

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The Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®) from BackOffice Associates helps efficiently manage the end-to-end activities of large, complex data migration projects for on-time and on-budget Go-Lives.

From the cloud or on-premises, it reduces the cost, complexity and risks inherent to self-managed projects, and ensures complete and accurate transformation of your business data between any system types.

And it creates significant value for your business long after your Go-Live, by curating data and business knowledge that can be reused across a variety of future data initiatives.

Reduce Risk

Reduce risks inherent to complex data migration projects. Built around a proven methodology for data migrations with end-to-end project management and auditing. And identify and fix problems before the Go-Live.
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Total Project Oversight and Visibility

Increased Speed and Productivity

Move to New Business Systems Faster

Complete more work in less time by distributing project tasks across a wide variety of business and technical contributors - orchestrated and managed through a central location. Perform concurrent cleansing, development and testing; and schedule iterative data loads to maximize performance.
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Trusted Data

Clean, and harmonize legacy data. Review and validate changes to critical migration assets to maintain project integrity. Capture and disseminate critical data and business knowledge created during migration projects to accelerate downstream data initiatives.
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Business-Ready Data
Reduced Costs and Risks

Cut Costs Significantly

Reduce staffing requirements with automatic ETL code generation. Simplify complex migrations by dividing them into smaller units (e.g. by geographic area) executed concurrently. And see transformation and mapping results early in the project with simulated loads that identify problems before your Go-Live.
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Take the First Step towards Transformed Data

Data Assessments span nearly any industry and line of business
and include prebuilt knowledge, content and reporting to
quickly discern discrepancies, anomalies and errors in business data.
Find out what we discover in your data.

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