Data Quality Software

Data Quality that Doesn’t Disrupt Your Business

Data quality software to quickly find and fix poor quality data.

Data quality software from BackOffice Associates quickly finds and fixes data quality issues — before they disrupt your business.

From the cloud or on-premises, it reduces the time and cost required to curate Business Ready™ data that fully supports your business operations.

In a single location, it captures the policies for data quality required to achieve your business objectives, monitors data objects across virtually any business system for deviations, and initiates remediation workflows performed by business users.

What is Business-Ready Data?

Our Data Readiness model combines data quality and other factors, with an associated amount of risk to the business.
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Data Quality Software

Get your business back on track with top quality data across your organization.
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You Don't Have to Put up with Bad Data

Many businesses just work around bad data. With BackOffice Associates, you don't have to.
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Data Quality as a Service

DQaaS is a remote service that helps businesses run uninterrupted by eliminating data errors and omissions.
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Data quality software from BackOffice Associates helps curate high quality data.

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