Data Quality

Data Quality that Doesn’t Disrupt Your Business

Data quality tools to quickly find and fix poor quality data.

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Data quality tools from BackOffice Associates quickly finds and fixes data quality issues — before they disrupt your business.

Built on the Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®), it reduces the time and cost required to curate the highest quality data that is well understood, complete, consistent, and accurate.

In a single location, either through the cloud or on-premises, it captures the rules for data quality required to achieve your business objectives, monitors data objects across all of your business system for deviations, and initiates remediation workflows performed by business users.

Enforce Rules for Data Quality

Define rules for data quality that are required by your business objectives, and enforce them across business systems — including those in the cloud.
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Minimally interrupted business processes

Documented and enforced data quality standards

Find and Fix Poor Quality Data

Continuously monitor data objects for errors, and empower business users to fix them quickly through a web-based interface or spreadsheets — before business processes are impacted.
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Measure and Visualize Data Quality

See data quality at-a-glance through customizable dashboards that measure data against standard quality dimensions. Set thresholds to alert when quality falls below required levels.
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Rapid, cost effective, and accurate data quality remediation

Measurable and visible data quality

Uncover Business Insights

Uncover insights hidden within data on just about any business condition - such as performance against KPIs, and violations of operating policies — through prepackaged and custom-built reports.
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Take the First Step towards Business-Ready Data™

Data Assessments span nearly any industry and line of business
and include prebuilt knowledge, content and reporting to
quickly discern discrepancies, anomalies and errors in business data.
Find out what we discover in your data.

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