Information Governance

Crowdsourced Information Governance

Trusted data curated by data stakeholders.

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The Information Governance Cloud from BackOffice Associates shows your business how to get more value from data so that it has a greater impact on your strategic goals.

It crowdsources contributions from business and data experts with guidance from artificial intelligence to develop trusted data.

In a central location, set governance policies and rules for data, connect them to elements of your business strategy, and orchestrate the stewardship processes that enforce them — creating a direct link between data and business outcomes.

Address Common Business Challenges

Wasted time and money
Too much time and money wasted looking for data.
Low Trust in Analytics
Low trust in analytics and business reports.
Deploy Data Replication
Deploy data replication with CDC quickly through intuitive wizards — no expensive implementation services required.
Data Landscape changes break processes downstream
Changes to the data landscape that break downstream processes.

Lack of Agility
Lack of agility because valuable data knowledge is locked up in the minds of people.
Business Buy-In
Inability to obtain and sustain executive and business buy-in for governance initiatives.
Siloed Decisions
Siloed tactical data decisions that limit the ability to achieve business goals.
Difficulty in complying with regulations that are centered on data (e.g. GDPR).

Built for Business Users

Define the elements of governance in the language of your business that all contributors can understand, through an embedded business glossary that identifies and defines business-specific terminology using natural language.
Built for Business Users

Clear Business Understanding of Data

Clear Business Understanding of Data

Build a data catalog by discovering data across all business systems including in the cloud. Promote a clear understanding of what data represents with integrated metadata management that describes data using terminology from the business glossary along with system-specific technical language. Create business and technical views on data traceability through impact and lineage exploration that illustrates where data comes from and how it impacts downstream processing.

Complete Data Oversight

Define all of your policies and rules that shape and constrain data within a single view, and enforce them through any process, standard or stewardship platform such as the Data Stewardship Platform (DSP) from BackOffice Associates. The DSP can enforce policies for data quality management as well as the processing of master and application data.
Complete Data Oversight

Reliable Processes

Reliable Processes

Visually design and document processes orchestrated within application platforms such as the DSP, that ensure data is utilized appropriately, and updates are performed timely and accurately.

Unleashed Tribal Knowledge

Crowdsource the elements of governance from the contributions of business and data experts — preserving organizational knowledge of data that is critical to the long-term success of your business within a single environment.
Unleashed Tribal Knowledge

Deep Guidance

Deep Guidance

Simplify the oversight of your vast and ever-evolving data landscape with guidance from the Deep Guidance artificial intelligence engine. Machine learning and natural language processing combine to continuously analyze all elements of governance including the technical code that queries and processes data, and suggest approaches and improvements that create the biggest impact on your business strategy.

Visible Economic Value from Data

Easily see the impact that data has on your business outcomes by linking the elements of governance — policies, rules, systems, data and processes — with your clearly expressed business strategy including your business goals and the initiatives that drive them.
Visible Economic Value from Data

Set and Enforce Policies

From a single location, Information Governance Cloud defines operational policies and business rules for data, aligns them with elements of your business strategy, and orchestrates their enforcement through any system, process, and stewardship platform - including the
Data Stewardship Platform (DSP™) by BackOffice Associates.

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