Master Data Management

Timely and Accurate Collection of Master & Application Data

Ensure that the right people action the right master data in the right way at the right time.

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The Data Stewardship Platform (DSP)® from BackOffice Associates efficiently orchestrates processes that action master and application data - quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

It creates a single point of reference to master and application data from multiple domains, and supports a variety of MDM implementation styles.

Reduce Costs

Rapidly assemble independent tasks and roles into business processes that create, change, or extend master data — with very little code. Provide business users with easy to use and consistent interfaces for working with data via the web or offline through spreadsheets. See how processes, data and roles interact through visualizations that illustrate process flow.
Low-Code Processes
Timely Availability of Data

Faster Business Insights

Ensure master data is available as soon as possible for BI and analytics systems, and business reports with automatic orchestration of data entry processes that eliminates delays inherent to paper and human orchestrated processes.

Trusted Master Data

Eliminate human error from master data entry - a top source of data quality issues - with built-in quality validations. Embed business rules in processes to perform quality checks on master data right at the point of entry. And ensure master data is “business-ready” before it is loaded back to business systems through optional team-based approval workflows.
Highest Quality Data
Efficient and Compliant Processes

Execute Faster

Arm managers and data stewards with custom dashboards that provide up-to-the-minute insights into the status and progress of data entry processes. Monitor processes against Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements, and automatically alert users when processes exceed expected execution times. And analyze proposed improvements to processes to estimate potential time savings.

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Data Assessments span nearly any industry and line of business
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quickly discern discrepancies, anomalies and errors in business data.
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