Data Quality as a Service

Complete Data Quality Production Support

A Pragmatic, Proactive and Persistent Approach to Maintaining Data Quality.

Ensure A Smooth Data Migration Process

Data Quality as a Service™ (DQaaS™) allows organizations to take a pragmatic, proactive and persistent approach to data quality, without having to spend millions of dollars on data quality solutions that may not meet the needs of the business.

Take Control of Your Data

Companies implementing data quality strategies can face significant obstacles including insufficient budgets, unrealistic time frames and extraordinary demands from the business. Organizations need to lower costs, achieve global visibility, take control of global data standards and enjoy real-time reporting on trusted data sources for their critical business operations and decisions.
  • Reduces time and effort of valuable inhouse resources in managing data quality by moving activity and tasks to remote services
  • Provides Best Practices in Data Quality from years of expertise, proven technology and the correct process to remediate data errors
  • Involves no upfront cost and is delivered as a service offering that can be billed monthly
  • Highly flexible solution — can be delivered in a standardized format or customized to meet your business needs
  • Your data remains completely secure. All data can remain within your firewall and be accessed remotely
  • Improves customer satisfaction by reducing Helpdesk call volume
DQaaS combines technology, methodology and expertise to:
  • Pinpoint out-of-bound data that cause business disruptions
  • Provide visibility and metrics to quantify data quality
  • Remediate data quality issues
  • Reduce the rework and rejection of requests due to incomplete/incorrect data
  • Enforce standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual entry and search
  • Develop methods to inform relevant parties of data changes globally
  • Mandate data ownership and accountability for clearing and correcting errors
  • Track data offenders
  • Capture and document master data business rules
costly data errors
Rapidly locate, evaluate and remediate costly data errors
No upfront cost and delivered as a service offering that can be billed monthly
Delivered “out-of-the-box” or highly customized as customer needs dictate
accessed remotely
All data can remain within your firewall and be accessed remotely

Solution Offerings

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Turnkey Data Quality Solutions

Full data quality management services across Customer, Vendor, Material, Pricing, Assets and HCM data. Top Quality and Timely SLAs.

Data Quality Monitoring

Alerts and notifications on out-of-bound data with guidance on resolving complex errors. Errors can be managed by your data stewards, COE or through BackOffice remote services.

Closed-Loop Data Error Remediation

Provides a business process for managing master data through your stewards or through BackOffice remote services to collaboratively author, review and approve changes to ERP master data; and a “firewall” for master data that helps to prevent errors from entering the systems based on Best Practices in Data Quality and Data Governance.

Data Quality Scorecard

Web-based analytics, reports and insight through a Dashboard to view your critical business metrics based on data quality status and objectives.

Take the Next Step

DQaaS delivers a cost-effective, proactive and whole-enterprise approach to maintaining data quality in production environments. It minimizes internal organizational staffing and training and assures consistent, reliable business data across your organization and geographic entities.

Find out what DQaaS can do for you.

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