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Data Governance

Passive or Active Governance, Your Choice

Our Data Governance solutions help your Center of Excellence track metrics on data quality improvements and empower your Data Stewards to accurately maintain your mission critical data.

Our proven best practice methodology and services deliver out-of-the-box content for actionable quality control reports and end-to-end solutions designed for your industry. Unlike solutions that focus on individual data objects, we can deliver a complete governance solution, providing a robust, integrated, best practices implementation.

Passive Data Governance alerts you to critical issues through a collection of reports, metrics and analysis, allowing you to view data in a business context. Business-process interruptions are greatly reduced and eventually eliminated using our process. With Passive Data Governance you can monitor, measure and manage the quality of your data against business process requirements.

Active Data Governance turns master data management into a business process. It is a firewall for master data and includes dynamic, web-enabled applications that empower business users to collaboratively author, review and approve changes to ERP master data.

Solution Benefits

  • Reduce or eliminate data entry errors that cause business-process interruptions
  • Out-of-the-box usability and functional content
  • Immediate return on investment in reduction of data errors
  • Accurate data for reporting

“All the careful data planning led us to be smarter about overall resource planning.”

We help to establish a repeatable and scalable data governance solution by providing best practices methodology and tools that enable the maintenance and monitoring of error-free information.

Our Governance solutions are deployed as lightweight web applications, greatly simplifying access and adoption. We are an experienced leader in providing data governance solutions, advanced end-to-end workflow process capabilities and actionable reporting automatically delivered to the responsible data owner for remediation.

We deliver tracking metrics on data quality improvements and issues with details by business area, group and user. We also provide advanced functions to show how long a particular object has been in error status.

Our solution contains metrics dashboards with workflow error notifications delivered to users via email. These dashboards are all delivered through a simple web interface. This process automation ensures proper tracking and closure of issues across multiple systems.

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