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Data Governance

The Business Process of Data Governance

Our Next-Generation Governance solutions help organizations quickly design and manage all aspects of a Best Practices data governance program.

With a built-in business process to guide you, our automated solutions make it easy for you to reduce cost and risk while maintaining top quality data. Managing the process to maintain both application data and master data is key to building strong data assets for your business.

Our Data Governance approach is focused around orchestrating the elements critical to governance. Our solutions extend beyond traditional MDM tools to enable complete business process governance across all application data in your enterprise. Our application, called dspConduct, helps you easily plan, analyze, design and execute data policies and then enforce those policies across your business data.

Solution Benefits:
  • Enables a single-console approach to holistically managing the process over governance policies on all data within an organization
  • Helps you achieve the highest possible level of data quality resulting in better business outcomes
  • Saves time, money and user effort by leveraging the reuse of decisions and policies across the lifecycle of data

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