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Data Governance

The Business Process of Data Governance

Our Data Governance solutions help Data Stewards and other master data stakeholders quickly design and manage all aspects of a Best Practices data governance program.

With a built-in business process to guide you, our automated solutions make it easy for you to establish data quality and then control and remediate data errors. The solutions help you create reusable assets including project plans, rules and reporting to leverage your time and investment in data governance activities.

Our Passive Data Governance approach helps you monitor, measure and manage the quality of your data against your key business requirements. With an enterprise view across data quality improvement activities, you can apply the best in data quality to master data management, enabling a repeatable and scalable process that lets business users and IT work collaboratively to achieve error-free data governance.

Solution Benefits:
  • Reduce or eliminate data errors that cause business-process interruptions
  • Jumpstart data governance projects with automation and prebuilt content
  • Achieve higher ROI with fast time-to-productivity, pinpoint data accuracy and minimal recurring errors

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