Data Migration

Maximize Trust in Your Data

Accelerated, Reliable Data Transformations and Migrations.

Ensure A Smooth Data Migration Process

Our Boring Go Live™ Data Migration solution mitigates the risk of migration failure, delivers measurable business impacts and ensures alignment with your broader System Integration and Software Vendor initiatives.

Transform Your Data

BackOffice Data Migration solutions provide a backbone of data orchestration and management so that you can easily transform your data between systems in the event of a business change, such as a new system purchase, IT modernization activities, landscape transformations or any other conversion that requires the migration of data between systems.
Ensure on-time, within-budget Go-Lives
Speed time
Speed time to productivity on the new systems
Assure compliance to both internal and external standards
Reduce complexity
Reduce complexity and cost through orchestration over migration processes and software

“We believe BackOffice Associates’ sophisticated expertise and knowledge of the very best processes in data migration has helped us to improve and guarantee the quality of the data prior to go-live and beyond.”

Ben Hallinan
Director of Development, Global ICT Application Competence Centre
Kerry Group
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Software that Supports this Solution

Jumpstart Migration

dspMigrate is a solution that, in combination with our services, jumpstarts data migration projects by reducing the amount of time it takes to achieve consistent, accurate and Business-Ready Data™ for go-live. dspMigrate provides an organizational framework that helps to access, prepare, remediate, test and load data.

Automate the process. Speed your data migration project.

SAP Advanced Data Migration by BackOffice Associates helps your migration teams connect, prepare and validate complex sets of data, and then load data to your SAP system of choice including to SAP’s Digital Core, S/4HANA.

Data Migration Functionality



  • Single console provides oversight across all migration activities, processes, tasks, roles, reporting and schedules
  • Graphical dashboards for easy, real-time views into status and issues
  • Views and access to all data quality, data transformation and information governance application data through BackOffice Data Stewardship Platform


  • Target Data Design to help users create designs for target systems and reuse them in downstream projects
  • Full web-based data mapping facility
  • Easy data construction and enrichment for missing or required data
  • Access to all data sources, including legacy data
  • Fully configurable to your business requirements
  • Scalable to meet changing business environment

Process and Execution

  • Project execution including “critical path” management of teams, forms, tasks and metrics with built-in MS Project interface
  • Data integration process management, including the ability to task external tools
  • Real-time change data capture for data immediacy and accuracy
  • Execution engine to easily run the entire migration process and automate the use of ETL tools
  • Controlled, repeatable processes

Enforcement of Data Policies

  • Data validations that leverage both application and business rules
  • Harmonization to ensure data is consistent, complete and accurate for use
  • Enforces data rules and audit controls
  • Supports rapidly changing project environments
  • Supports a faster data lifecycle by reducing testing and remediation cycles

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