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Ensure a Smooth Data Migration Process

Our Data Migration solution mitigates the risk of migration failure, delivers measurable business impacts and ensure alignment with your broader System Integration and Software Vendor initiatives.

We bring a powerful combination of methodology, technology and consultant expertise to deliver proven data migration success. We leverage our 17 years of data expertise that spans all data objects and business process models and employ a callable library of over 10,000 rich data quality analysis, reporting, connectivity and transformation elements. We migrate only the legacy data required to run your business and eliminate business-process interruptions.

Our Data Migration solution is unlike general-purpose data migration IT tools, which require extensive configuration and complete specifications for target system implementation prior to the initial data load. By utilizing our methodology we can achieve multiple initial loads prior to the completion of the blueprinting process in less time and with fewer consultants to get the job done. More frequent loads increase project “knowledge” during the blueprinting and refinement process. Our methodology, coupled with our tools and content, provides the highest degree of project visibility and accountability throughout the migration process. This allows us to align our methodology with your SI's ERP implementation strategy.

Our Data Migration guarantees operational and financial data readiness at go-live by providing data quality “visibility” during the early stages of the project rather than at the end.

Solution Benefits

  • Early data quality visibility dramatically improves go-live readiness
  • Focus on loading business-relevant data eliminates post go-live data clean up and ensures Business Readiness
  • Our method eliminates spreadsheets by simplifying data mapping exercises and automating new data construction processes
  • Vast content library lowers cost of custom programming and rule creation

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