Data Quality

Improve Data Quality Companywide

Reduce or eliminate business process interruptions that result from data errors.

Rapidly Identify and Remediate Data Quality Issues

BackOffice Associates provides a set of software products and services to get you back on track with top data quality across your organization.

Master your Data Quality from an Enterprise View

Take advantage of a guided and automated approach enterprise-wide to manage your data quality processes and solve complex data errors across your business applications in a fraction of the time normally spent.
resolve errors
Business process orchestration to identify and resolve errors
Accelerate time
Accelerate time from error identification to remediation
Simplify mass updates on enterprise-wide data
Improve system health
Improve system health for better system performance

“From our first conversation with BackOffice it was clear they understood our business need. The BackOffice solution has been a remarkable fit.”

Jim Long
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Software that Supports this Solution

Passive Data Governance

dspMonitor is an application that automates a proactive email alerting system to prompt and assist users in resolving errors using a Best Practices data quality process.

Closed-Loop Remediation

dspCompose is an application that actively remediates data errors. The application automates and accelerates a process to help users resolve data errors and then load the corrections back into the business system.

Issues You May Be Struggling With:

  • Lack of companywide visibility or control over data quality rules or standards
  • Manual data entry prone to errors
  • Can’t process data updates quickly
  • No method to upload mass changes
  • Delayed, error-prone and inconsistent reporting
  • Non-unified data change/maintenance process across business applications
  • Data errors handled departmentally in silos, no cross-referencing
  • Automatically and rapidly locate, evaluate and remediate costly data errors
  • Delivered “on-premise”; or “as a service” with no upfront cost and monthly billing
  • Solution can be “out of the box” or easily configured to your organization’s needs
  • Supports faster data quality lifecycle with prebuilt data quality content and domain-specific reports
  • Improves efficiency by eliminating manual processes, providing data remediation visibility across siloed data domains and eliminating dependency on spreadsheets for rules management
  • Provides continuous improvement through analytics
  • Built on BackOffice’s Data Stewardship Platform – a unified platform of technologies for interoperability, consistency, reusability of assets and easy upgradability across Data Quality and Data Governance projects
  • Easy, configurable, flexible, on-the-fly requests, data changes, reporting and dashboarding
  • Simplified data uploading of mass changes
  • Data quality workflow and process prepares organization for data governance
  • Improves data quality for global data transformation projects in system consolidations, merger, acquisition and divestiture activity
  • Extensive reusability of data quality work, content and templates
  • Fully supports data quality management across mainstream ERP and Cloud business systems including Oracle EBS, Workday, Salesforce and others

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